Magyar Repüléstörténeti Társaság
Hungarian Aviation Historical Society


Our objects

Our intention is to offer organizational frame for those who work   on the universal aviation history and within it on the Hungarian civil and military aviation history, especially  with respectto the company history of the national air carriers, air industrial organizations, institutes and air forces units respectively.

We look for the possibility to search for, collect and arrange domestic aviation historical documents, and  to save and to make public property  national aviation historical values and traditions.

We advance the activities of collections and private collectors, the increase of the aviation historical knowledge and we support the science of the air industrial history.

We collaborate with organizations, museums and institutions having similar aims in the interest of the increase of  public collections and in favour of realization  the common objectives of the aviation history, moreover we keep in touch with  similar foreign collectors and  organizations.

In order to realize our objectives we publish publications, we issue prints and multimedia transactions,  we offer lectures on aviation history, we set up foundations, we award prizes for recognition of outstanding professional and social performance, further more we invite tenders.