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Board of the Hungarian Aviation Historical Society


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Mr. Tamás Harangozó – President

He has been member of the Aviation Historical Society since 2000 then President of the Board of Management since 2004. He works on the history of the Hungarian civil aviation and particularly endeavours to search for and collect materials and documents of  air accidents and disasters. At present times he elaborates on the history of the fire brigade at Ferihegy airport. Beside to this his hobby and task is to take snapshots of aircraft and he is the owner and editor of the Webmagazin of Ferihegy.


Ms. Klára Czigler – Financial manager

Certified engineer of building engineering (PMFF), cost accounting expert of the building and construction industry (University of Bristol), Silver “C” glider pilot instructor, oldtimer glider pilot, founding member of the Hungarian Veteran Flyers’ Association (MVRSZ). Beyond aviation her hobby is photographing, collecting  aviation historical souvenirs (postcard, book, photo, etc.), travelling. She is the administrator of the archive of the Society as well; she researches and systematizes the documents and aviation historical souvenirs of WW I.,  as well as soaring related to Hungary.


Mr. Péter Moys dr. of Air Law Liaison Officer of Social Connections, proof reader (of publications of MRT)

Air Traffic Control Officer ret., Expert of international Air Law, founding member of MRT. His area of research activity is the history of the Air Traffic Services, furthermore the connections between the military aviation and the civil air navigation since 1916 to nowadays.


Mr. Attila Bakos – publishing editor

He deals with  information data communications network. systems. He became familiar with aviation in 1968 by the “Góbé” type sailplane at Dunakeszi airfield. In 1981 he met the new and in the same time “the most closed to nature” type flying with hot air balloon. He carries on actively this kind of flying up to now as member of the board of management of their civil flying club. He is owner and editor of more aviation related websites. In our Society he is the publishing editor of our Yearbooks.


Mr. András Pásztóy – manager

Political scientist - historian (ELTE BTK - TÁTK), member of the Hungarian Aviation Historical Society since 2008. His domain of research is the history of the Hungarian general air traffic, particularly in the period of 1945 - 1990.


Mr. Dezső Hegedűs dr. – Editor in Chief (of the Editing Committee)

Fifty years standing Doctor Chemist (ELTE TTK), Senior Associate Professor ret. (at BME Faculty of Chemistry). Silver “C” glider pilot instructor, Secretary General of the Hungarian Aeronautical Association (MRSZ) Vice President of FAI (Fédération Aéronautique Internationale). Organizer and leader of many glider competitions, founding member of VTSB. At present time he is the Editor in Chief of the Year Books of the Aviation Historical Society.